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Decorate your fence or yard for holidays, bbqs, weddings, or any outdoor occasion with eZ klipZ! Easy to install and no tools required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the eZ klipZ look like, and how will they fit my fence??

Originally engineered for vinyl fencing, eZ klipZ has been reconstructed and works incredibly well with privacy, vinyl, rail, wood and chain link fencing. Perfect for fencing as thick as 2.5″, and the 6″ tail on the eZ klipZ keeps your lights and decorations secure and in place. Made of clear polypropylene, they are nearly invisible and almost impossible to break. eZ klipZ - side

Which lights and decorations can I use with eZ klipZ??

Almost any holiday/ decorative lighting will work with the eZ klipZ. Add up to 3 separate strands of lights at once, and use them to hold garland, banners, etc. eZ klipZ were designed to securely hold the following type of lights, but are not limited to the below options. Get creative, with your decorative self!



What is the fastest and easiest way to use eZ klipZ??

Clipping all the lights into the eZ klipZ, then hanging to your fencing, pergolas, railings, etc., is the quickest way we have found. This way you can separate each bulb or strand as close to or as far as you’d like, fast and easy.

How many eZ klipZ are needed for my fence??

Typically we place each clip about 6″-12″ apart. Depending on how closely you would like to hold your lighting and/or decorative accents. Space them apart or keep things consistent and closer together.

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